Be Quick, Banks Changing Regulation

RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand) recently announced a new guideline to banks which may impact first home buyers. If you are in process of buying your first home and your initial deposit is limited maybe it is a good idea to fast track your purchasing process and use the current opportunities before the new regulation is implemented in October 2021. It is also expected borrowing for investors will be tightened later this year. There is still time and opportunity for people how will take action and use this window to purchase their next home.

How can I help?
There is one seat available in the coaching program for the first person who takes action and joins. As highlighted in the workshop, to have the highest quality, I limit the number of people I work with them at the same time. 

Meanwhile, there are other options as:

  • Let’s have 30 minutes free review meeting to explore your options. I can help you implement different strategies for home purchasing. 
  • Try your free “40 points online due diligence”, you will be amazed how much information you will receive. Just send me a property advertised on the market or an address.

Looking forward to hearing from you about your next action.

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