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West Auckland 2024

A lot of people ask me which part of New Zealand or Auckland I recommend buying a house. To answer this, you need to consider different factors that are important for you and your family and fit your investment criteria. Usually for your first home your budget, school zone, and distance to your work and your family or community are key factors but when you invest in property, or you buy your first home within the intention of investment then the situation change. You need to find a city or suburb that returns the most wealth in your investment term. One factor out of several factors I advise to my clients is the potential of house price gross in that area. Let’s find out which city and which part of Auckland is most undervalued in April 2024. 

Based on information published by Core Logic (a trusted source that publishes property-related statistics), West Auckland is the most undervalued area from its peak in Nov. 2021. This means you can find more properties with a discounted value in West Auckland in comparison to other parts of Auckland. When property prices start growing then buyers in other parts of Auckland like North Shore shift to the undervalued part and cause more price increases and more capital growth. In general, West Auckland has several potentials to continue growth:   

  • Undervalued: Compared to Central, North and East Auckland, West Auckland offers significantly lower entry points. This translates to better rental yields and a more manageable initial investment.
  • Infrastructure Boom: West Auckland is experiencing a significant infrastructure upgrade. This infrastructural investment is a clear signal of the government’s commitment to developing West Auckland, making it a prime target for future growth.
  • Emerging Hubs: Previously seen as primarily industrial, West Auckland is now transforming. Areas like Henderson, New Lynn, and Swanson are witnessing the rise of mixed-use developments, incorporating residential spaces, commercial areas, and green spaces. These vibrant hubs cater to a modern lifestyle, attracting young professionals and families, and further fuelling property demand.
  • Green Spaces Galore: West Auckland boasts stunning natural beauty. From the Waitakere Ranges with their hiking trails to the idyllic beaches of Piha and Te Henga, there’s an abundance of green space for relaxation and recreation. This lifestyle advantage is increasingly sought-after by residents, making these areas even more desirable.


  • Conduct thorough research: Don’t solely rely on this blog. Look at property data, market trends, and individual suburb reports.
  • Seek professional adviceA property coach can provide valuable guidance based on your specific needs and risk tolerance.
  • Do your due diligence: Once you’ve identified a potential property, have it thoroughly inspected and understand the legalities involved.
  • Be careful: if you are buying in West Auckland you need to consider the school zone and also flooding.

You need to know this is one factor and there are several more data you can check to make an informed decision. This information is related to April 2024 and changing every month. You can contact me for more factors, updated monthly data or my assessment related to specific properties

And finally, you will get a 1-hour free consultation with me if you email the most undervalued city in New Zealand in April 2024.

New Zealand 2024

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